It would be unseemly and profoundly disrespectful to the Spirit of truth, to present a blueprint which is overly specific, un-necessarily detailed and ornate, and cast in iron.  For He is the One who comes to us, as Jesus Himself, to guide us "into all the truth; for he will not speak on his own authority, but whatever he hears he will speak, and he will declare to you the things that are to come".  (Jn 16.13)  His existential and moment-by-moment shepherding of us will become our delight and our salvation.
Nevertheless, these things I do anticipate:
(A)   Local churches need to urgently lose the "corporate" model of organisation and ministry, and get with an "organic", person-oriented strategy.  The pastor as "executive" ("success" at all costs, and everybody's expendable!) does not build and strengthen community.  It enhances the image of the organisation and the fortunes of the few perched on top of the ecclesiastical ant-hill...as well as making it a stand-out  target for subversion by antichrist, who is motivated by the same set of "values"!
(B)   Local churches need to renovate or reform themselves and become a collective of living and life-giving "cells", which all together compose that Body.  This will be the place for every individual member's first and primary experience of belonging and nourishment (Bible teaching and shared meals)...as well as nurture and pastoral care.
(C)   Local churches' "all together" meetings have got to be pre-eminently occasions of easily accessed, inclusive and intensely anointed times of praise and worship.  More-often-than-not, this will be the occasion when the Spirit of God will break into our lives and bestow desperately needed visions, healings, sundry miracles and deliverances.  This will be in contrast to so many of today's experiences of unending, repetitive, disheartening virtuoso performances and concerts by the few, for the few...as  well as the anointing's flow being limited to the man of "faith and power for the hour"!
(D)   Local churches need to seriously contemplate and explore the possibilities and practicalities of setting up at least one community-prayer house in their midst...as both a prophetic sign and the event in itself.  Here handpicked and "qualified" members (individuals, couples, families) would live together in a voluntary association which is entirely committed and devoted to some form or expression of night-and-day prayer.  This "cell" will become a burning coal in the Fellowship's hearth, stimulating others around to likewise burst into flame in prayer.
(E)   Local churches need to begin to discuss and explore ways of practically living together more collectively and cooperatively.  For example, groups of families tending and living off one large vegetable garden; the pooling of transport, machines and tools.  Creating a church "storehouse" where gifts of food and clothing (and other life-necessities) can be collected and distributed to each according to their need, as the days darken and persecution intensifies.
(F)   Local churches should encourage the retiring of all debt - personal, business and church - as reasonably and as swiftly as possible.

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